OERPUB for Open Education 2012, Vancouver

We are proud to present our newest OERPUB importers at Open Education for Education 2012 in Vancouver!

If you want to see them in action, create an account at the Open Repository cnx.org and start importing and transforming your Google Docs, Word or MS Office files or even webpages to an Open Educational platform here: remix.oerpub.org

We are currently mapping and transforming all of these different sources to HTML5 for educational content. The structure is designed for easy remixing. You will soon be able to edit, compose and remix this HTML5 with a browser based online editor. We are testing it here at Open Ed. Come help us in room C215 at 2:00 pm Tuesday, 1:30 pm Wednesday, or 10:30am on Thursday!

See some videos of our work with the editor:

Interested in development, source code or how we achieve import, remix, and edit for so many different file formats? Then visit our dev wiki and contact us via the mailinglist.

Hope to see you in Vancouver. Last but not least: Do not forget to grab some cookies from us! (as thanks for helping us test and improve the editor)

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shardsofblue/5875237526/in/photostream/

Image by Shades of Blue, Roxanne Ready. Used by Creative Commons license.

To Do List : Help Request

  • Add folks to the site to help snaz it up (kef)
  • See if people landing here can find the importer (which used to be here)
  • Move this site to :80 (therealmarv)
  • Figure out how to make the about page the home page and move the blog to the menu
  • Linkify all the contributors
  • Get a better (and skinnier) image for the site header
  • Make a contributors page like this example one for the importer
  • Make the contributor page prettier than the example one above!
  • Summarize hot topics on the discussion list in a blog post

Welcome to OERPUB

Welcome to OERPUB!
We are a community that discuss and develop open source technology focused on designing, and implementing “An architecture for remixable Open Educational Resources (OER)”. OERPUB is not single project but a collective where open source projects with the same goals can discuss the tools and architectures that work best for authoring, adapting, remixing, and publishing open education resources and then delivering them to the web, mobile, tablet, and print.  If you are interested in advancing the tools that education authors use to create, remix, typeset and publish semantically rich documents, please join the discussion.

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Projects involved in OERPUB so far

Nicola du Toit

Nicola works for Siyavula.com and sprinted with the team in Berlin in 2012. Based on her experience training teachers collaboratively creating open textbooks, Nicola recommended designs for the math editor.