About us

Welcome to OERPUB!
We are a community that discuss and develop open source technology focused on designing, and implementing “An architecture for remixable Open Educational Resources (OER)”. OERPUB is not single project but a collective where open source projects with the same goals can discuss the tools and architectures that work best for authoring, adapting, remixing, and publishing open education resources and then delivering them to the web, mobile, tablet, and print.  If you are interested in advancing the tools that education authors use to create, remix, typeset and publish semantically rich documents, please join the discussion.

Here is a quick video showing who we are and what our plans are for 2013.

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Projects involved in OERPUB so far:

  • Booktype
  • Connexions
  • FullMarks
  • MyOpenMath
  • Siyavula
  • QuadBase


See the list of contributors here.