OERpeeps! Meet the contributors

All the people below have helped to contribute, in big or small ways, to OERPUB.

  • Kathi Fletcher

    Kathi’s Shuttleworth Fellowship is supporting this work and she manages the project.

  • Marvin Reimer

    Marvin wrote a Google Docs to CNXML converter as part of Google Summer of Code and now is the lead developer of the Connexions Importer.

  • Tom Woodward

    Tom is a software developer working to make the textbook editor a reality.

  • Max Starkenburg

    Max is a visual designer working on designs and mockups for the importer workflow, as well as the WYSIWYG editor.

  • Max Grossman

    Max is a Rice senior that joined the project in January 2012. He started by fixing bugs and is now working on a testing framework for each of the document conversion pipelines.

  • Gbenga Badipe

    Gbenga is a Rice University student who also started in January by fixing outstanding bugs. He is now enhancing the word/open office converter so that it can handle multiple conversions at once, efficiently.

  • Saket Choudhary

    Saket joined the project after a successful Google Summer of Code project in 2012 to import slides to Connexions through the OERPUB importers.

  • Adrian Garcia

    Adrian is a user experience researcher and designer, he conducts usability testing and creates wireframes of the WYSIWYG editor based on end users’ needs and characteristics. He also blogs about usability testing methods and user experience.

  • Amber Callan

    Amber is a Rice University student who is interning in 2013 with the User Interface team.

  • Daniel Williamson

    Daniel is the Managing Director of the Center for Digital Learning and Scholarship at Rice University and provides ongoing strategic advice to the team as well as meeting space. Before leading the center, Daniel managed a team testing the OERPUB tools.

  • Ryan Stickney

    Ryan did extensive testing of all aspects of the OERPub API.

  • Sebastian Thomas

    Sebastian is a graduate student in Human Computer Interaction studies and did initial designs for the importer and user testing.

  • Carl Scheffler

    Carl wrote the first client that used OERPub and is now busy at work with Siyavula changing education in South Africa.

  • Johan Beyers

    Johan developed the build system that we are using, helped with development of the first version of the uploader and often helps orient new developers.

  • Roché Compaan

    Roché’s company Upfront Systems is based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. His team implemented the OERPub service in Connexions and is helping with the OERPub client importer.

  • Rijk Stofberg

    Rijk works for Upfront Systems and implemented the current user interface for us (in a week!).

  • Ying Jin

    Ying joined us for the Connexions 2012 sprints and contributed code on the Google Docs CSS import fixes and better failure handling. She has experience with DSpace, Fedora and EPrints so we are hoping to lure her into adding more repositories to the list of places to publish from the importer.

  • JP Slavinsky

    JP also joined in the Connexions 2012 sprints and contributed code so that Google Docs can be converted by URL.

  • Chuck Bearden

    Chuck is an XML guru and former Connexions employee who still contributes at sprints and occasionally on special projects. He did some sprint day XSLT fixes to allow authors to include fancier semantic features even while using Word/OpenOffice/GoogleDocs. (They were breaking the importer before the sprint). He also did some work creating unit tests.

  • Manpreet Kaur

    Manpreet is a User Experience expert and former Connexions UI Manager. She helped out at the sprint with a new design for advanced features (coming soon) and with a more usable workflow for creating new versions of modules.

  • David Lippman

    David is faculty at Pierce College and developer of Internet Math Assessment System. He came down to Houston to talk about assessment systems and spent a day sprinting with us on how to edit structured documents. He worked on TinyMCE with Roché and experimented with plugins to allow element extensions to create simple tools for building CNXML/HTML5 semantic markup in TinyMCE. They managed to get an exercise plugin working, and he later added a “section” tag plugin.

  • Brian West

    Brian is a developer on the OERPUB team working on editor plugins and on import and export transforms.

  • Phil Schatz

    Phil Schatz is a Connexions developer and writes many plugins for the editor including the math plugin.

  • Esther Luk

    Esther was a member of the User Interface team during the summer of 2012 when the team was first developing the model for manipulating educational features like examples and exercises within the documents.

  • Izak Burger

    Izak works for Upfront Systems and has developed plugins for the editor including the table and image plugins.

  • Adam Hyde

    Adam works with Sourcefabric and Booktype. He organized the sprint in 2012 in Berlin where the partners chose Aloha to base the editor on. Booktype is incorporating the editor in their upcoming version 2.

  • Nicola du Toit

    Nicola works for Siyavula.com and sprinted with the team in Berlin in 2012. Based on her experience training teachers collaboratively creating open textbooks, Nicola recommended designs for the math editor.

  • Megan Beckett

    Megan helped the UI team test authors at the Open Ed conference in Vancouver in 2012.

  • Chakkapas Visavakul

    Chakkapas wrote an image plugin for the editor at the sprint in Berlin to test Aloha and continues to keep up with the editor work and volunteer bug fixes when able.

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